Start up meeting, Street Child project Ha Tinh City…

Taken minutes of the first meeting concerning the work with Ha Tinh’s street children

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date:  16th June, 2010
time:  4:00 p.m.

present:  (see below)

today’s purpose:

  – general overview about the situation of street children living in Ha Tinh
  – collecting ideas on what to do to help them
  – assigning tasks that are first to be done

4:10 p.m.: opening

– brief introduction given by Chris
– today our intention is to collect ideas; which kind of work is possible?
– Cooperation with DOLISA (Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs)
– Chris has already gained experience in working with street children, during his time in Idonesia
– it’s important to start our work immediately because stays in Ha Tinh only 6 more months
– our aim: to make a conception on how to work with the street children here, this conception is supposed to be put into action even without Chris‘ presence in Ha Tinh
– we’re depending on voluntarily work to make sure the started work will be continued even without Chris
– presentation of today’s aim (see above)

4:25 p.m.: Anh Dung (representative of DOLISA, Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs )
–  talks about the present situation of street children in Ha Tinh
–  during day and night the children are begging for money, there’s a certain place near the bus station where they have     to hand it to a certain woman
→ yet we don’t know: why do they behave like that and what’s going on with that 
→ but if we want to change anything at all it’s not only necessary to work with the
     children, we have to cooperate with that woman, too (because she depends on the  
     children’s income, if we cause trouble with her it will be to our disadvantage
–   start-up idea: working with the children by talking to them, playing with them etc.
→ this way we won’t change their situation but step by step we will understand more
     about it

4.40 p.m.: Christian talks about his experiences in working with street children in Indonesia
 → but the situation here is completely a different one
 → our first task will be to raise awareness of the street children’s problems and to
      ensure that their basic needs are pleased

4.50 p.m.: Christian introduces all the attendants:
 → Christian Volker Ide, working for the DED in Ha Tinh
 → Dung, working for DOLISA (Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) Ha Tinh
 → Loan and Thu, working at the school for the disabled in Ha Tinh City
 → Ngoc, Dean of the English department in Ha Tinh University
 → Long, reporter for HA Tinh TV
 → Truong, knows a lot about the children’s situation
 → Huyen, Linh, Nga, Jakob, Alex

5.00 p.m.: further information about the children’s situation, given by Dung
– since Ha Tinh hasn’t been too industrialized yet the situation is not as serious as in other places
– mainly there are two groups:
1. children from Ha Tinh districts coming to Ha Tinh City
2. children from Ha Tinh going to other provinces
– both of these groups need support
– yet there is already some cooperation with mass organisations (Women’s union) and some European organisation (in Ky Anh)
– he agrees with Chris‘ ideas, too
– yet we have to decide how to continue our work: we could use the conception drafted by DOLISA and develop it further

5.15 p.m.: Long announces that he can help us by providing us with information about the children’s situation and by producing some documentation to be shown on TV

5.20 p.m.: Summary
– firstly: collecting information and material about the street children’s situation, based  on this a documentation can be produced
– Huyen proposed to cooperate with Ha Tinh University to start some small projects
– yet we have no organisations to cooperate with
→ what has to be done to find some?
→ 1. the documentation
→ 2. further information about the children’s situation, draft given by DOLISA
→ 3. support by volunteers and mass organisations
→ 4. based on these issues we can draft a conception on how to work with the children
→ 5. this will be sent to different organisations to receive money
– → after we’ve received some funding we can start our work

– further ideas: collecting old books and toys for the children providing space to sleep and some food to traumatise children, we already have a small amount of money, next time we have to decide what to do with it.

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