Community Development Project in Pa Nor village, Laos

The Khmu Indigenous People

-Comprise 11% of Laos population.
-Traditionally hunter gatherers, animists who believe in spirits and have a close relationship with nature.
-Have their own language, housing and clothing styles.
-Many communities are moving closer to mainstream Laotian culture.

Proposed Intervention 1 – Improving Access to Water

Rationale: This community has been interacting with nature and managing their water supply for many years. We want to work with them and use their knowledge of water management and traditional practices to develop sustainable water projects that will improve access to water during the dry season. The poverty that exists in the village prevents the community from developing new projects that will bring about positive change, nevertheless there is strong will to improve the water situation in the village. We hope that through collaboration with Laotian and international organizations with expertise on sustainable water management in arid landscapes, and with the support from donors, we can find and implement solutions to the lack of water in Pak Nor.

Methodology: Establish with the community what potential there is for extraction of water from underground and from channeling water from surrounding rivers. Identify an organization who is committed to sustainable practices and respect for local customs who can implement a long-term solution to the lack of water.

Outputs: New access points for clean water; decreased waiting time at taps; drinking water and toilet facilities in the village school.

Outcomes: Improved health and sanitation, increase in time available to spend on family care and income generation, increased sense of community pride.

Proposed Intervention 2 – Skills Training for Income Generation

Rationale: At present the literacy levels among adults in the community are less than 50%. The result is a struggle to act effectively on local markets, and exploitation by buyers. Currently a large proportion of the villagers depend on the sale of bamboo, which, ones stripped of its bark can sell for $0.3 per kilo. Nearby villages perform the simple process of making paper from this raw bamboo, the end product of which can sell for over twice the amount of the raw material. However none of the villagers in Pak Nor have the skills to make this paper. 

Methodology: Through existing village networks such as the village committee and the women’s association, we plan to run training sessions delivered by local organizations such as the Laos Women’s Union and representatives from the bamboo paper making factory. As well as practical skills, we will provide literacy, business and accounting training to equip the villagers with the skills they need to benefit from local markets and even start up their own businesses. All training will be gender sensitive, inclusive and respectful of Khmu traditional practices.

Outputs: Increased levels of literacy and skills training among adults and youth in the community.

Outcomes: Improved standard of living through greater income levels, increased decision making power and financial independence for women, strengthening of community organizations, promotion of locally made products.

Save Children’s Souls relies on the support of donors to implement its community based projects. If you would like to support any of the projects we are implementing in Pa Nor, please contact 

Christian Volker Ide
Tel: +84 919 650380
Or visit our website at    

Ideas and suggestions:
If you have any ideas for community based projects that will help the villagers in Pa Nor, and that will further strengthen our planned interventions, please do not hesitate to

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