Terrible disasters, during the flood

Still flooded with water left behind by first round of heavy rains that took place at the beginning of October, now in mid of the same month, Hà Tĩnh lại is now struggling with another flood which is the worst ever seen other the past 100 years, mostly in the Ngan Sau river basin. Continuou raif pouring down with high velocity of down running water released from the Ke Go Reservoir (this is to protect the Reservoir from breaking) have composed of an never seen folood in the province, submerging 178 communes 0f all 12 districts, towns and city in the province.

Huong Khe, the worst flooded district in the recent disaster continues getting the most terrible water these 3 days. All 22 communes in Huong Khe and towns are being submergered. No sooner had the people in the mountainous areas south west of Ha Tinh had been exhausted for running out evacuating themselves from the first flood, they are now struggling with even a worse one. The highest level of the flood occurred in Chu Le at 1900hr on 16/10/2010 where the water level reached as high as 16.56m (3.06m higher than the 3rd warning level and 0.43m higher than his level of a historic flood in 2007).Vũ Quang is another worse place second to Huong Khe. All 12 communes and towns of the district are under water. The top flood level in Hoa Duyệt was 112.78m high at 07 hr on 17/10 (0.04m higher than the historic flood in 1960).The authorities had to take a difficult but unavoidable decision to release water from the Ke Go Reervoir a velocity of 600m3 per second and as a result of this Ha Tinh city and Thach Ha district have to confront for the first time in their history, with a flood like this one. Ha Tinh city and Thach ha have 100% of their wards and communes submerged.Coming next are Duc Tho, Can Loc and Huong Son with 27/28 communes, 22/23 communesnad 20/31 communes respectively being submerged (the top flood level at Son Diem commune at 08hr on 17/10/2010 was13, 0m high, that is 3rd warning grade), The number of communes being flooded in Loc Ha and Nghi Xuan are 15/27 and 5/19 respectively, while 03 wards in Hong Linh town are also under water. According to the Office for “Flood and Typhoon Prevention” of Ha Tinh, by the evening of 17/10, over the whole province. There were 105 in total being badly flooded and isolated entirely. Mr. Nguyễn Khoa Thanh – director of the dyke protection and disaster prevention department of Hà Tĩnh said it was the worst flood ever seen during the last 100 years. Not only does the flood this time submerge areas in mountainous regions, it also does so to vast areas in the plain. The 2008 flood, which was considered to be the worst one in history, now comes again for 2 days now. Water has spreaded over almost the whole province of Ha Tinh during these 2 days. Many sections of the main roads such as national road Nr. A1, Ho Chi Minh road are in deep water, hindering transports and hundreds and hundreds of vehicles having to stand in line, hoping for the hopeless, particularly in Hong Linh town. All provincial road and rural roads are also in deep water making almost all local areas isolated. The province has suffered heavy losses in life and property from this flood.By the evening of 17/10, there have been 30 persons counted as dead. There are 83,517 households being submerged in clouding 18.000 in Hương Khê, 3.728 in Vũ Quang, 9.000 in Cẩm Xuyên; 4.000 in Hương Sơn, 20.000 in Đức Thọ, 6.500 in Ha Tinh Hà Tĩnh, 17.000 in Thạch Hà, 3.230 Lộc Hà, 1.630 in Hong Linh to, 429 in Nghi Xuân. The Khe Mo reservoir in Son Ham commune of Huong Son, (0.75 million of m3) has broken on 16/10. Almost all other small and medium reservoirs and dam are also at risk…There have been no statistics made yet and according to the weather forecast, it would keep raining hard in the coming days and the situation would even be worse.Enforcing instructions from the central government, Ha Tin PPC and the commanding board of the Flood and Typhoon (Disaster) Alleviation Department have been working hard, directing all various localities to comply with such instructions so as to mitigate losses.According to Mr. Võ Kim Cự – chairmn of Ha Tinh PPC, this terrible flood has caused big losses to Ha Tinh. The timely assistance from the central government and its line agencies, from organization and individuals from inside and outside the country from the beginning of October từ has warmed up thousands of people in flooded areas. However in this new flood, HaTinh is still in need of further assistance from the above entities.

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