About Save the Childrens Soul`s

Save Children’s Souls is a Christian child relief organization, based in Vietnam, independent of any political or religious affiliation.

We have a needs and effects oriented approach, helping children and village communities in South East Asia in the areas of emergency, poverty and economic support.

Rather than simply giving money to villagers, we work actively and directly in partnership with communities to develop sustainable projects that raise the standard of living for the community at large.

We believe that the key to sustainable development is through adopting a bottom-up approach. The first phase of any project is the development of trust with the community, and throughout all following engagements it is the needs of the community that form the core of our work.

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Our principles

Save Children’s Souls is a politically and religiously independent German child relief organization which supports children and young people specialy in South East Asia.

Save Children’s Souls has dedicated itself to the primary purpose of performing lasting and professional support at the ground level in South East Asia.

Save Children’s Souls takes into consideration local culture and circumstances in the realization of all projects.

Save Children’s Souls does not support any projects that limit the rights and freedoms of children.

Save Children’s Souls does not directly hand over money, but works in close collaboration with local authorities.

Save Children’s Souls aims to raise the quality of life for children by improving infrastructure.


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