Ha Tinh Assessment Report on Climate Change

1. Climate change will have adverse impacts in Ha Tinh
through typical weather extremes such as the increase
in intensity and frequency of storms, heat waves, more
intense heavy rains and especially the rise in sea level.

2. Impacts of climate change in Ha Tinh will be notable
in all sectors including water availability, agricultural
productivity, aquatic productivity, forestry, industrial
development, transportation resources out of which
the most noticable is likely to be the negative impacts
on agricultural, forestry and aquatic production
as it would adversely affect the livelihood of the

3. Climate change would also adversely impact
biodiversity of the region including mountainous
ecosystem, island ecosystem, coastal ecosystem,
inland water ecosystem and mangroves.

4. Ha Tinh’s vulnerability to climate change is likely
to be felt across all ecosystems: agro-ecosystem,
forest ecosystem, freshwater ecosystem, and regional
ecosystems especially marine ecosystem.

5. Climate change will also have adverse impacts on the
safety of industrial, traffic, civil works in terms of the
design and construction.

6. The gap in electricity demand and production in the
province is likely to widen due to climate change.

Ha Tinh Assessment Report on Climate Change: http://geodata.rrcap.unep.org/climate_change_report/HaTinh-Eng.pdf

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